Use of retrospective analogies and experience of shipbuilding research for the development of evolutional theory

A theory has been offered which is based upon the retrospective analysis of some facts and analogies by means of involving complex methods of research being characteristic for shipbuilding. The theory non-controversially unites the body of knowledge about the Universe in general and mechanism of its evolution. The author is basing the theory upon the Newton's laws of motion and is completing it with conclusions derived from the information being unknown in the end of the XVII century. The latest aspects of the considered theory are as follows: new Tsarev's theory of gravitation, use of selfoptimisation principles, wording of dynamic stability criterion, notions depicting the pronesting state (pro+ne+st = PROton + NEytron STructure) and transparency of supercooling substance. The theory is also basing upon the Maxwell experiments that in the end of the XIX century could not be applied to the theory of evolution. Clarification of the theory will be continued and the author hopes that his theory will contribute to the process as well and he is open for possible critical remarks on it.

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